Eve Music Studio

A community of movitivation and a passion for arts

EVE Music Studio is now located at
447 Main Street 
Wellsville OH 43968

Welcome to the Eve Music Studio Website!

Eve Music Studio has a great range of students! We have students from Toronto, Salem, Oak Glenn, East Liverpool, Beaver Local, Lincoln Performing Arts, Southern Local, Crestview, Home schools, 5 students from Edison, 6 just from here in Wellsville, and more than 13 adults!
Are you worried that you won't fit in? Don't! This is your place to find peace in your music. Every student gets full one on one training for Vocal, Piano, Acoustic Guitar, Flute, Clarinet, Trumpet, Saxophone, or Trombone. Any age and starting levels are welcome!

Let this be your summer to get in touch with your love for music!

If you have a family member that would love lessons, but are worried about the money? Go to teammojofoundation.org and see if you qualify for assistance!

To start now, just message us!