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Jennifer Harris
(Owner/Vocal Coach)

         My name is Jennifer Harris and Iʼm the vocal coach for Extreme Vocal
Experience.  The idea of me being a singer never hit me till later in my life. Though I
sang in my high school choir and did a few solos for school, I never pictured myself as a “singer”. After high school I attended Youngstown State University for Music Education with Instrumental Clarinet, and minoring in Art Education.

It took one really good friend, while I was out one night, to tell me I was a really
good singer. I was kind of shocked, but it stuck with me. So little by little I would work on harder and harder songs, the curiosity to be better and try new songs was all I could
think about. Everyday I would sit with music of all genreʼs for hours, with every song that went by on the radio I would work to sing it. Curiosity was my biggest motivation in my singing. Next thing I knew, my friends were dragging me everywhere to show me off. They would drag me to different events and ask me to sing for personal events just to hear me sing. The more places I would sing, the more songs I realized I need to learn. At that moment in my life it really hit me, that I could be on to something. So I put myself in a few contests to see what I was up against and how much further I needed to go.
All the contests, whether win or loose has taught me so much about song
choices, stage presence and all out ability to impress as a singer. My first contest was in PA at a Buffalo Wild Wings. As I was winning my way threw the rounds I picked up on what the judges like more. Which was country, so I nailed with a good country song at the end to win the contest. I enter a few karaoke contest were voting was popularity,
those are the worst. I never made it far in those. Another contest I entered was Froggy
Idol. Though I made it through 2 rounds of this contest with singing live on the radio in front of 3 judges and 40 sum thousand listeners, I did not win.  I believe if I would have picked a different song, I might have had a better shot. The girl who won song a fun, upbeat country song, where my song was slower, it just didnʼt captivate them. So I tried again the next time around. This time picking a fun upbeat and challenging piece, I won singing live on the radio again with 3 judges, and thousands of listeners. By winning I got to open for Kenny Rogers at the Pepsi Cola Roadhouse in PA. The last contest I entered was in Kennywood Amusement Park in PA. It was a country Idol contest, where I got to sing in middle of the whole park. I did win that also, giving me two front row seat tickets to Rascal Flatts. So would I say Iʼm a country singer, no way! I like and study all genreʼs but their are just more contest offer for country style singing.
After that contest I realized there can be so much more I could be doing with my
singing. So at this point in my college life I switched from Instrumental Clarinet, and
Auditioned into the Vocal Department and made it. Finishing my college out as a Vocal Major. I was Assistant High School Band Director for 3 years and decided itʼs not the route I wanted to take. My heart was all about singing.
 I started giving private lessons at DC Music in Calcutta OH. Teaching band
instruments, drum set, piano, and vocal. It was the vocal teaching the I seemed to thrive for. Being able to turn a lil shy 10yr old into a powerful stage-acholic singer is where my calling seemed to be! I am now a recording artist myself, giving lessons to students of all ages, male and female, and in a few locations. I still teach at DC Music, but only vocal. My home studio is my favorite place to teach with recording equipment and more privacy, and recently adding the wonderful world of internet into play, I now teach by Skype.
My goal in my vocal career is to be the best singer I can be and more. I will soon
have my own recordings with the help of the Multi-hit Music Producer Ronnie “Chico” Di Cicco. Music Producer Ronnie “Chico” Di Cicco and I have worked very hard together gathering the perfect music for me that makes sense at to who I am as a singer. Part of my goal is also to continue to pass down the knowledge of singing and performing I have acquired along my years. To get students to the point where they realize they too have the ability to have a career in the music industry. I now have 3 students that are working with “Chico” in the recording studio working on their own projects.  

As my business continues to grow so does the love and appreciation for music in the students around us. My students perform together for recitals and has bonded friendships with each other. They have learned that it doesnʼt have to always be a contest but more watching someone that can encourage you to be better. We have to remember, as teachers, we are the seeds. What we instill in our students does not end there, it multiplies. Those students pass it to others and they pass to others. I, myself continually give my students the self esteem and confidence that does not stop at music.

People always need some kind of gratification to know they are on the right
track, if not for my friends giving me the compliments I needed to hear, I would not be
where I am today. So this I instill in my students, love for music, and love for each other.  Jealousy does not play in our music learning, but rather we turn it into a motivation to push a student to want more out of themselves. If music is the international language, we should learn to appreciate it no matter what genre, young or old, or race is presenting it. In our studyʼs we learn all genreʼs and do reports on the artist we are learning at the time to understand where the artist was coming from. That is our history, my students are the future. That is my true goal!

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