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Vocal Lessons

My job as a vocal Coach is to teach students proper warm up habits, vocal health, confidence in their own unique style, and to find places for the student to perform and show off.
We use the Brett Manning Singing Success Series, and Mastering Mix, to improve range, stability, breath support, control, and style. I also teach through Skype for students that don't always want to make the drive. My goal as a vocal coach is to help students become confident as better singers, and better performers! Try my studio for one free half hour lesson and I promise you will want more! Your lessons do not end when your time is up. I search and study all week for new training to offer. My students range from 6 years to mature adult. Don't delay! Sign up to try your free half hour!

Piano Lessons

We offer weekly private lessons to beginner, intermediate and advanced students from age 6 years old through high school and beyond. The lesson plans include a balance of theory, ear training, sight reading and repertoire appropriate to the student's level and musical ability.

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